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Getting Started - simple Ideas for Sustainable Tourism

Becoming an efficient, sustainable business is an ongoing process. If you are not ready for wind power, reed beds, etc. there are many simpler, easy to implement ideas, which go a long way to minimising the impact of your business activities.'

Cut your fuel bills

If you are spending more on your energy bills than you need, then you are wasting money as well as carbon!  Follow our simple four step guide to minimise the carbon footprint of your business and maximise your profit.

Reduce - Repair - Reuse - Recycle

By reducing the amount of waste you produce and reusing your waste you reduce the amount of resources used in production, the amount of waste requiring disposal and the amount of fuel needed to transport waste.

Running a Sustainable Catering Business

In some kitchens as little as 40% of energy is used in the preparation and storage of food, much of the waste energy is dispersed into the kitchen as heat.  With moderate improvements savings of up to 20% are possible.

Buy Local

Buying local produce and using local tradesmen will benefit the local economy and support local jobs.

Green Accreditation

Green accreditation schemes can help you identify the impacts of your business on the environment and to develop an environmental strategy.

Promote Public Transport

Volumes of traffic within the National Park can be very high especially at peak times during the holiday season.  By encouraging guests to utilise the public transport service you can reduce the associated visual, noise and air pollution.