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Going 'car-free' for at least one day of their holiday can enable visitors to interact more closely with the people, landscape and culture of Snowdonia and also stimulates demand for better transport services.

However if visitors are to be encouraged to leave their car behind and venture onto public transport the level of information and service provision must give them the confidence that the experience will be rewarding and trouble free.  At the moment anyone wanting to plan a car-free trip will have to contend with incorrect information, broken links and insufficient details on both public sector and private sector business websites as well as problems with timetabling and service provision.  Even where the service is good, such as that provided by the Snowdon Sherpa, the difficulty of finding good information can leave a visitor wondering whether to bother.

Most businesses include public transport information on their websites, but why not take another look at the details on your website to ensure they give visitors the confidence to get out and about without their car -

 • list bus routes, but also include details of the bus stop people should ask for, and the approximate journey time from local towns

 • include a link to Traveline Cymru to enable visitors to get up-to-date information for journey planning.  If you would like to include a journey planner on your website helping your guests to access your business by public transport you can download a 'journey planner' window from Traveline Cymru.

 • encourage all visitors to have at least one car free day during their visit.  Provide details of car-free day trips from your business

 • why not offer an incentive for your guests to have a 'car-free' day out, such as a complimentary glass of wine to enjoy on their return, or organise a prize draw for all guests who arrive at your business by foot, bike or public transport!  

 • if you link to public transport timetables from your website, check the link regularly and if it’s broken, contact the organisation  involved.

Snowdon Sherpa Service:  links the six main routes that travel up Snowdon with the main car parks and tourist attractions in the area. Ideal for walkers or climbers who intend to start their journey from one point and finish at another, or anyone wishing to travel around Snowdonia  and leave the car at home.

For further information and links to timetables visit the Gwynedd Council Website.  Or to plan a journey use Traveline Cymru.