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Why become a sustainable business?

Whatever your reason - to save the world, to save money, to attract more customers, the truth is that a sustainable business is a good business.  Improving the environmental practice of your business makes good business sense.

  For a modest investment you can;

minimise your fuel bills and the costs of waste disposal

attract more custom, there is a growing demand for tourism accommodation and activities which minimize their impact on the environment

get ahead of ever tightening environmental legislation.

We are full of good ideas to help you make a start or to help you move on to the next stage.  Green Snowdonia is a sustainable tourism business network for North Wales, join us and we will keep you up to date with the latest local events, new technology and best practice.  Contact emma@snowdonia-active.com to receive our occasional, but definitely useful, newsletters!

There’s a growing bevvy of beautiful businesses who realise that people come to North Wales for the mountains, lakes, beaches, forests and who like businesses who care about the environment as much as they do.  This trailblazing lot have put the effort in and measured, monitored, assessed, analysed and most importantly changed their practices to    make sure their actions match their claims (go to Case Studies to find out what they’ve been up to).  

Sustainable, green, eco-friendly you can take your pick of buzz words, do you want to jump on the band wagon and capture some of that ‘green’ market for yourself?  But beware, if you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk or otherwise fall prey to the perils of greenwash.  Make sure your actions are ahead of your marketing claims, your customers won’t be fooled - avoid the ten top signs of greenwash.....




If you feel a guilty twinge reading these, then get in touch and we'll help you up your game.