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About Green Snowdonia

Green Snowdonia was launched by the Snowdonia Society in 2006, in recognition of the role the tourism industry plays in shaping the unique environment and landscape and in sustaining the local economy and communities of Snowdonia.  With funding from the National Park's CAE Sustainable Development Fund and CCW, Green Snowdonia worked to raise awareness and encourage the uptake of sustainable practices by the tourism industry in the Snowdonia region.

In 2010 Green Snowdonia moved to Snowdonia-Active, a social enterprise working to support and develop the outdoor sector in North West Wales.  Established in 2001 with a clear determination to raise the profile of the outdoor sector and safeguard its interests.  Snowdonia-Active have a strong ethos of sustainable development within the sector and work to ensure that developments are in sympathy with the environment, local culture and the prevailing sporting ethos.

Within Snowdonia-Active Green Snowdonia will continue to support and promote the adoption of sustainable practices by the tourism industry.  By showcasing and rewarding best practice Green Snowdonia demonstrates that acting sustainably does not need to limit the quality of the visitors' experiences or the profits for tourism businesses. Indeed sustainable tourism has the potential to increase both!



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