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Why become a sustainable business?

Whatever your reason - to save the world, to save money, to attract more customers, the truth is that a sustainable business is a good business.  Improving the environmental practice of your business makes good business sense.

The Green Snowdonia Tourism Awards

Trailblazing businesses who are leading the way in delivering sustainable tourism in Snowdonia are recognised and rewarded by the Green Snowdonia Tourism Awards.


Green Snowdonia keeps you up to date with the latest grants and funding initiatives offering support for businesses who wish to invest in going green.

July 2010: New Grant support for wood-fuelled heating systems


Is your business prepared for climate change?

Is your business prepared for climate change?

We are looking for case studies: Have you made changes to your business to protect your premises and guests from extreme weather or to respond to changing visitor patterns?

Top Tips for Green Business

Green Snowdonia takes the legwork out of being a green business by researching the latest on new technology, local services etc.

Case Studies

Find out more about those businesses who have taken the plunge and are leading the way in delivering green tourism in Snowdonia.